Thank You to everyone who contributed to making this year's Shuffle Fundraiser such a huge success!
Parkinson Community Fitness





Our Homebound members who can no longer come to PCF, for one or more reasons.


  • We are sending Cards and taking Flowers to our member’s home or living facility and, importantly, spending time visiting them if possible
  • We want to provide:
    – Transport service to PCF, and
    – Transport with Caregiver support if needed while at PCF (both Pilot programs need to be funded)
  • We want to provide Depression Counseling (need to find a Resource)


  • Send Cards & Flowers to member’s home or other living facility
  • Provide Transport to & from member’s home or other living facility to PCF
  • Provide Caregiver support while at PCF for those who need it (e.g. if a fall risk)
  • Provide Counseling in person or Virtually in member’s home or other living facility


To improve the quality of life for our members by:

  • Staying connected with them, and bringing a little joy into their life
  • Helping them stay as active as possible, for as long as possible
  • Helping enable them to ‘Live their Best Life’

Future Goals - PCF Outreach and Retention Program:

We started this program in the Summer of 2022 to address the progressive increase in number of PCF members who are now homebound for one of more reasons. To date, we have over 80 homebound members on our PCF Outreach & Retention list, and that number may grow in the future.

For 2023 we have a number of goals for this program:

  • Pilot test a ‘Combined Transport & PCF Caregiver service’ for our homebound members who need BOTH these types of support. Estimated annual cost is $25000 to $30000.
  • Pilot test a ‘Transport-only service’ for members who can no longer drive to and from PCF nor have another ride, but can exercise at PCF without Caregiver support while there. Estimated annual cost is $15000 to $20000.
  • Find Depression Counseling support for PCF members needing it, especially those who are homebound. Cost To Be Determined (assumes we can find qualified and available resource(s) in this area, which has not been possible to date).
  • Continue our Card sending and Flower delivery programs to these members. Estimated annual cost is $2000 to $3000.
  • Continue to reach out to contact ALL our homebound members to better understand their issues and needs, status, and if/how PCF might help them.