Thank You to everyone who contributed to making this year's Shuffle Fundraiser such a huge success!
Parkinson Community Fitness


Mitch McKinney

Ambassador to the Board for Mid-Large Company Sponsors

In January 2022, Mitch joined Parkinson’s Community of Cincinnati (PCF) as a sponsor and was subsequently elected to the board in 2023. As the designated representative for “Large Company” sponsors, Mitch brings valuable insights and ideas for contributions and growth to the organization. In his professional capacity, Mitch serves as a Therapy Consultant for Deep Brain Stimulation for Abbott, and works closely with Cincinnati-based neurology practices. His goal is to support patients undergoing DBS through the transformative journey. Mitch’s role with Abbott has given him a deeper understanding of the Parkinson’s community, and his involvement with PCF has further solidified his mission to assist and empower the Parkinson’s community in Cincinnati.